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Our Approach

Our vision here at MSG Caribbean REI is to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry! The key to our success is finding the best properties at the most affordable prices. We scour the market for the best investment opportunities possible. We understand that your success means our success!


Our Story

During the process of selling his apartment in Washing Heights Gil Peretz, grew frustrated with the services of his local real estate office. Realizing the immense opportunity there was for improvement he decided to start MSG Caribbean REI.

At MSG Caribbean REI we are here to help solve the problems of regular apartment hunters and investors alike. Nothing makes us happier the happy smiles on the faces of people when they get that perfect place, one that fits their needs, doesn’t break their budget or causes them any anxiety.

It has become our mission: "One Happy Customer At A Time!"

Meet the Team

Gil Peretz

Founder & CEO

Founder of MSG Caribbean REI, Gil Peretz has over 30 years of experience in real estate and investment. Gil began his career as a partner in a successful real estate office in Tel-Aviv and has worked all over the world and the United States including Miami, New York, New Jersey, and the Caribbean!

email: info@msgcaribrei.com

Moshe Peretz

Co Founder & President

email: info@msgcaribrei.com

Solly Avi-Noam

Co-Founder & VP of Business Development

email: info@msgcaribrei.com

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